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        She goes out hiking a lot. Here is her composition on the church grand piano in Campbeltown.


"I kept outside, with the calling of the navigator-wanderer, the terrain of the difficult territory, and a sense of ongoing itinerary." (Kenneth White)

My favourite composer usually invents her music instantaneously. Or you could say, she is always practising and never finished. She calls it improvisational composition, but I would call it:  stream of musical consciousness. All her compositions undergo a constant change like the weather. Like the changing landscape she travels through, visiting and revisiting places. Music and film form a purposefully built alliance of reflections. As they happen seemingly at random, the music adds emotional meaning to the landscape, it travels blindly with a sense of touch perhaps, or gravity. 














   "…there was a deep unrest at work, and a great desire feeling its way out across the territory" (Kenneth White)


Measuring the Coastline of Kintyre in Feet with Resolution

The music of my favourite bonnie composer contains the Kintyre coastline. The coastline itself is a metaphoric territory for her composition. The metaphorical reference may become more accessible, when considering theCoastline Paradox’: the length of any coastline depends on the resolution of measurement. The four little paws of a sheepdog will measure a more precise and therefore longer line than two human feet. The fractal ruggedness of a coastline diverges into infinity (Oliver, 2019). Zooming in and out of measurement, like a camera in a video, the resolution determines the outcome (Haran, 2014). There is no logic description of a coastline. A meaningful description depends on the resolution of its author, whether this may be an artist or an officer of Ordnance Survey. In this respect, the most meaningful resolution will render the most realistic description.



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