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Tuning of the Nation: soundscape, place and memory (MA Music and the Environment, UHI)

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Noise is what we refuse to listen to. Intense hearing, or ‘clairaudience',

is the absence of noise (Schafer, 1977).

An exciting new module taught by Nick Green (Green, 2019) was offered to us. Its title derives from Schafer’s book “Tuning of the world” (Schafer, 1977). After studying music for four years, a whole new concept and sound world enters my consciousness.

The word ‘soundscape’ was actually composed by Schafer in the late 1960's, when -for the first time ever- a group of Canadian researchers examined the sonic environment and the ecology of sound. Archaeoacoustics are part of this concept: the question how a place sounded like historically can be researched through impulse responses of certain places. Reverberation and architecture are closely linked in natural and human-made environments.


Green, N. (2019). Archaeoacoustics and Impulse Response Field Recording Research Hub. Retrieved 2 20, 2020, from Archaeoacoustics Scotland:

Schafer, R. (1977). The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World. New York: Knopf.

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