Holidays in Kintyre/Scotland
Some people dream of doing things. We make it happen.

Event Creation 

Sound and Scenery
Kintyre is full of magical places and
mysterious musicians.
Combine the two into an outdoor performance and experience the natural sources of music. Add a picnic, a bonfire, or even a fire juggler, and create an event. 

  •  At the waterfall

  • On an iron age hilltop fort

  • At the seaside with horses

  • On a playfield

  • Underneath the Standing Stones

  • In a cave

  • In the woods

  • In a castle ruin 








The people of Kintyre are a source of imagination. Many artists and audiences have a long standing tradition in villages and towns. Their welcoming and participatory ways reflect the beautiful scenery surrounding them. 







Fire Juggling and Drums

Facepainting and Circus Skills